What a girl will do to get her nails done.

If it wasn’t for the Milk Bar corn cookie, I’m not sure if I would have persevered through the rain the way I did. Saturday’s thunderstorm felt like I was in a car wash, with no car. Gracefully taking our precious time to attend the NuvoNail bar for Melody Ehsani, we got caught in a massive storm and decided to thug it out. Chased down a bus, only for it to take us one stop, then we braced ourselves for human white water rafting through the streets of NY. By the time we showed up to the event, I was in a dripping sports bra and had mascara all over my face. Every other girl in the room was polished, dry, and in heels. Whoops.
Next time.
It was so great to see friends, catch up, and sip on sugary ass Nuvo for a few hours while awaiting my nail appointment. By the time the party was over I still hadn’t gotten my nails done, insisting that only Nikko Gray touch these delicate digits of God. She had me roll through her hotel room where she and Kandi set up a full nail salon in the lobby of the Sheraton. We caught up on life, I got my nails done, and then we went off into the night to get some grub. Nikko had heard of Artichoke pizza so I insisted we take a 20 min walk so her and Trackademicks could try it out. I love to pop cherries, especially when it comes to food. Not too sure they enjoyed the walk but it built up a great appetite. Two music friends got to share information and I eventually dried off.

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